The Roulette is a game mechanic found within A Hat in Time, which serves as a slot machine minigame which can be played to claim various prizes. These prizes are mostly aesthetic changes, ranging from alternative styles for Hats, Color palettes to change the color of Hat Kid's clothing and Music remixes that can be swapped out in the Machine Room and played at anytime by requesting from the Express Owls located there.

Hat variants and Color pallets can come in a variety of rarities, ranging from one to three stars. Music remixes are always the same rarity.

There is two ways to play the Roulette:

  • One way is it can be found in the Spaceship. At first it is blocked by some boxes. The only way to clear the path to the Roulette is to destroys those boxes with the ability of the Brewing Hat. The player can play the Roulette by collecting three Tokens in the general game and expending them here.
  • The second way is as a reward when you finish Time Rift stages.