"You Moon Penguins are just gonna write some loud, noisy drivel! If I wanted a bunch of peck necks to dance around while on bird seed, I'd visit me grandchildren!"
—The Conductor

The Conductor is a major character in A Hat in Time who appears in Chapter 2: Battle of the Birds. He is a movie director who creates western based films, and has Hat Kid star in two films called "Murder on the Owl Express" and "Train Rush". As his name suggests, he also conducts a train called The Owl Express.

Having a rivalry with DJ Grooves, he's one of the two birds whom Hat Kid can help win the competition for the Annual Bird Movie Awards.


The Conductor is a very loud and out spoken person, most of the time he can be rude and angry (but on some occasions speaks softly). He also has a disregard for the player's safety or anyone at all saying that it's for the name of cinematography. He also likes to use the word peck which is a considered a swear word and often likes to call people 'peck necks'.


He plays 3 roles in the game, 1 of which depends on who wins. The first is in "Murder On The Owl Express", where he is one of many suspects in the murder of one of the Express Owls. He also plays the part of himself in "Train Rush", where the train is beginning to explode.

Conductor transparent "A SPOILER? On MY Owl Express?"

The Award Ceremony

If Hat Kid has him as the winner of the Annual Bird Movie Awards, The Conductor will give them a single Time Piece, calling it as tiny and insignificant as her role in helping him win and suggesting that she could sell it on eBird for dimes and nickels.

The Award Ceremony Pt. 2

During the actual award ceremony, The Conductor can either be a villain or an ally depending on who won. If he was the winner of the award, he will be the antagonist of the chapter, but if he lost, he will help Hat Kid during the final fight.

If The Conductor wins

While sneaking around in the basement of Dead Bird Studio, the muffled voice of The Conductor can be heard through the walls, mentioning the left over bomb from the train that he has decided to hold onto just in case "someone" showed up.

After Hat Kid encounters The Conductor at a gigantic stage, he states that he won't be giving the Time Piece up without a fight. During the battle, he will lunge at her, whistle for stage lights to fall onto the arena, drop down on a disco ball that sends out shock waves, charge at her with a knife, rapidly swing multiple knives, create photo copies of himself that charge her with a knife, create photo copies of the disco ball that drop down with the same effect, and call upon cars to circle her in the middle of the stage.

Midway through the fight, he will stop to have a little "Heart to Heart" with Hat Kid. Upon sitting down, he will tell her that the reason for him wanting to keep the Time Piece is that he wants to right the loss that was "Annual Bird Movie Award #42", upset that DJ Grooves won. Hat Kid can either tell him "Maybe" or "Nope" when prompted if he could use the Time Piece. If Hat Kid says "Maybe", he thanks her, but then declares that she cannot leave the room without dying because he cannot risk DJ Grooves finding out he cheated. If Hat Kid says "No", he will tell her that she is a greedy young lass and that she was going to have to take it from him by force. Either option, he will proceed to strap a bomb onto her, giving her 80 seconds before she explodes.

The Conductor will then attack Hat Kid again, only this time one of his actions will involve running around the stage in a frenzy, taunting her about how the bomb will explode soon. Hat Kid now needs to hit him 4-5 times before DJ Grooves will step in, saying he will find a way to defuse the bomb. After 4-5 more hits, DJ Grooves will come back with some defuser and direct Hat Kid over to him, making both the bomb and the timer disappear once she goes over to his location. In frustration, The Conductor will send four parade owls with knives to follow Hat Kid around in an attempt to stab her. Upon taking six more attacks, he will be defeated, angrily calling Hat Kid "peck neck" before falling unconscious on the floor.

If DJ Grooves wins

While fighting DJ Grooves, The Conductor will show up to the ceremony, saying that he will find a way to defuse the bomb placed on Hat Kid. After Hat Kid lands a few more hits on the DJ, The Conductor will hold out a huge pair of scissors to defuse the bomb with. When running over to him, he will cut the fuse off, thus making the bomb disappear.

The Finale

In "The Finale", he is one of the many people standing in line to be judged. At the end, he tells Mustache Girl to "Get Lost", along with everyone else. During the final phase of the fight, he and DJ Grooves punch each other with all they got, turning themselves into Pons to help Hat Kid defeat Mustache Girl. He comes back after time is reset, and is hanging onto Hat Kid's Spaceship from outside begging Hat Kid not to leave along with DJ Grooves, Snatcher, and a Mafia Goon.


  • There is a newspaper clipping that says the Owl Express is the only train in the world.
  • He has 385 trophies in his room in the Dead Bird Studio basement.
  • There is a picture that features a headshot of him next to three rectangles that are each filled to different amounts, the lowest filled being labeled "Empathy", the second lowest being labeled "Bird?" and the highest filled being labeled "Anger".
  • According to developer Jenna Brown "Peck is the f word".