Mafia "Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser."

"I'm a time traveling explorer! No area is too dangerous for me and my umbrella. My mission is find all the time pieces so I can go home!"
—Manual Description of Hat Kid

The main protagonist of A Hat in Time, Hat Kid is a human-like alien attempting to collect the scattered Time Pieces, the fuel for her spaceship, so she can return home.

Her real name is unknown, as she never says it in-game, and the instruction manual lists her as "Me," as it's entirely written in first person.


Physical Appearance

Hat Kid appears to be a small, human child. She dresses in a big, purple shirt with bright yellow cape that has a zipper attached to it. She also wears a variety of hats, her favorite of which is a big, purple top hat with a yellow stripe.


Hat Kid Biology

Hat Kid is shown to have an energetic and bright personality. She can be shy at times, such as when Mustache Girl asks for her name or in her idle animation where she stops playing with dolls because she thinks someone might be watching. Though she is very frank and emotive in her diary entries, calling out many people and situations on her adventure as weird or unpleasant. Reading her diary after acts in Chapter 2 shows that she's very excited at the idea of being a star. She is also shown to keep snacks in her hat.

She is also shown to be mischievous, especially with the Mafia, such as when she stole the umbrella from the Mafia in Welcome to Mafia Town or when she knocks Mafia off of the roofs in Mafia Town. She has her limits, of course, and gets flustered quickly, such as her diary entry after Barrel Battle and pretty much any time she has to deal with The Snatcher.


Hat Kid Controls

For a full list of controls, check the Controls page.

Hat Kid can navigate terrain using traditional platformer mechanics such as running, jumping, and wall jumping.


While Hat Kid's move pool is relatively small compared to other platforming games, it is a highly versatile one that allows her to chain together many moves and reach most areas with relative ease and style!


By pressing the Jump Button Hat Kid will jump into the air. Pressing it again in mid jump will preform a double jump. While this is a basic ability in most platformers, jumping and double jumping is the fundation to Hat Kid's impressive platforming skills.


By pressing the designated button, Hat Kid can dive forwards either on the ground for a quick speed boost or in the air to help reach places that are out of reach.

When diving in the air it can be canceled by jumping again. This not only adds some extra height, but it also allows you to control Hat Kid's distance in the air to prevent her from overshooting a target.

Additionally, if she dives on the ground she will get some extra distance, but remain on her belly until the player presses the jump button again. However, if the player presses jump just as Hat Kid hits the ground, she will immediately bounce back up with a sprint. Doing this in rapid succession can outpace even the Sprint Cap in speed.

Wall Jump

Wall run and jump

By moving towards a wall after jumping, Hat Kid will start to run up it, getting some vertical distance. She can then kick off of it onto a platform or another wall, where she can gain some more height and jump again. She can also jump back towards the same wall she jump off of to try to reach a platform she almost got to, but she won't be able to wall run up it this time.

If Hat Kid preforms a jump dive and hits a wall, she will be bonk her head on it go fall to the ground. However, if the player has the "No Bonk" badge equipped, she will start a wall run instead.


Press the designated button to perform melee attack. At the start of the game, Hat Kid will be unarmed, and hitting anything will cause her to hurt her hand and flinch in pain. During this time she's vulnerable to enemy attacks, so best not hit anyone when you can't fight back! Fortunately, during first act in Mafia Town, Hat Kid will gain an umbrella that will be used as a weapon throughout the game.

Homing Attack

When jumping above enemies, a prompt will appear over their heads to let Hat Kid know she can preform a homing attack, where she quickly launches herself at the enemy to deal damage and then bounce off of them. This is useful for both combat and platforming sections. Be aware, though, that you need to be above the enemy to use this skill.

Spin Attack


Hatkid umbrella 400p

Hat Kid wearing a variation of the Sprint Hat.


After the first act Hat Kid will always have her trusty umbrella, with which she can perform up to 3 quick melee attacks in a row to whack baddies with. It doesn't do much else, but with certain badges equipped it becomes a very handy tool.


Throughout the course of her adventure, Hat Kid will find many Hats which will give her several abilities, such as running quickly, throwing explosive potions, and turning into an icy statue. Some hat abilities will need time to recharge after being used.


Hat Kid can find several badges on her quest that give her unique secondary abilities, such as saving herself from a great fall or lowering the time a hat's ability takes to recharge. Most badges can be bought from the aptly named Badge Seller, but there are some special badges that must be found in the various worlds.


Throughout her journey Hat Kid is can use the orb machine in the main hall of her ship to win new aesthetic designs for her hats, colorful pallets for her clothing and catchy remixes of songs for the different acts.


  • According to her diary, Hat Kid does not like singing.
  • Apparently there was supposed to be an adult Hat Kid, however this was cut from the game. There has been much speculation on the matter, however so far no one has found any information about adult Hat Kid.