Hats in A Hat In Time are a type of item that grant Hat Kid special abilities. There are six different hats Hat Kid can find throughout the game. To make a new Hat, the player must collect enough yarn to create it, as well as at least one type of the yarn specific to each hat.

Hats can be customized with Hat Flairs won from the Orb Machine. Additionally, some Hats are only available during specific missions (such as the Crime Solving Outfit during Murder on the Owl Express.)

List Of Hats

Name Image Yarn Description
Kid's Hat Kid´s Hat None Description: "Her pride and joy. Press [KEY] to search for the next time piece!"

The hat that Hat Kid owns at the beginning, and one of the staple icons of the game. Shows the way to the closest point of interest, but won't work if Hat Kid is too far away from any point of interest.

Kid's Hat has four different hat flairs that give it either a bow, a bow and stripes, a rose and stripes or a polka dot bow with a tartan pattern.

Sprint Hat Sprint hat icon 2 Description: "This hat looks ready to sprint! "Hold [KEY] to sprint!"

An early game hat that grants you the ability to sprint. Can be combined with the Scooter Badge which changes the hats ability from sprinting; to riding a scooter. It changes the jump into a higher jump and removes double jump.

The hat can be crafted with Sprint Yarn that can be found within Mafia town, along with other worlds.

The Sprint Hat has four different hat flairs; a ladybug hairband, a dinosaur hoodie, a newsboy's cap with goggles, and a chicken mask.

Brewing Hat Brewer hat icon 4 Description: "Cook up mad concoctions! Press [KEY] to throw an explosive concoction!"

An early-game hat that grants you the ability to throw explosive vials.The explosion deals damage to enemies and can also destroy objects covered in glowing 'warning tape'

The hat can be crafted after finding a Brewer Yarn that can be found within Mafia town, along with other worlds.

Unlike other hats, it appears to only have one hat flair, which gives it pink and white stripes.

Ice Hat Icehat icon new 8 Description: "It's so cold! Hold [KEY] to do a ground pound!"

A mid-game hat that grants the ability to temporarily transform Hat Kid into a frozen statue; and perform a ground pound.

The hat can be used for taking shortcuts or reaching hard-reaching areas, by ground pounding on the blue overhanging trapdoors - marked with a snow crystal - that is scattered around throughout the game. The trapdoor will launch you up; either sending you to another trapdoor, or land you somewhere nearby.

The Ice Hat also has offensive and defensive properties. While the ground pound doesn't hurt enemies unless landed on, it will launch enemies into the air, giving Hat Kid an opening to counterattack. While in the statue Hat Kid is immune to most forms of damage. Fire, bosses and mad crows will knock her out of the statue, which will increase the cool down time for hat abilities.

The hat can be crafted after finding a Ice Yarn, which can initially be found during Dead Bird Studio.

There are three hat flairs for the Ice Hat; a Santa hat, a night cap with cat ears, and a yak hat with horns and a pony tail.

Dweller's Mask Dwellers mask icon 12 Description: "Press [KEY] to see the world through a Dweller's eyes!"

A mid-game hat that grants you the ability to 'materialize objects that normally appear as green holographic objects'*.

The hat can be crafted after finding a Dweller Yarn, that can be found within the Subcon Forest.

The Dweller's Mask also has three different hat flairs to collect; a pink kitsune mask, a bull skull mask, and a broken grinning mask that appears to have blood on it.

Time Stop Hat Time Stop Hat 32 Description: "Death is inevitable. Your time is valuable. Press [KEY] to slow down time!"

A late-game hat that allows you to temporarily stop time. The hat can be crafted after finding a Time Stop Yarn, that can be found within the Alpine Skyline.

Unlike all other hats, this one doesn't have any hat flairs.

Special Outfits

These are hats that replace Kid's Hat and give Hat Kid a unique outfit. They are only available in specific Acts.

Crime Solving Outfit

Description: A hat to solve crime. Watch out for this tiny detective!
Act: Murder on the Owl Express

A special hat found during the mission Murder on the Owl Express. It is a deerstalker cap and as the name implies gives Hat Kid a tradional detective's outfit modeled after Sherlock Holmes. It replaces Kid's Hat during the mission, but has the same ability to find the closest point of interest.

Parade Outfit

Description: The leader this town needs!
Act: The Big Parade

Unused Hats

This are the hats that were used in earlier versions of the game, but not in the final product.

Thor's Cap

Thor´s Cap

Thor's Cap

Description: Grants a spin attack while airborne.

Owned by Thor the inventor. This hat is not in the game upon final release but it's model is re-used as a version of the sprint cap.

Witch Hat

Witch Hat

Witch Hat

Description: Reduces energy significantly, but it re-generates!

Found in early versions of Queen Vanessa's manor, the witch hat reduces energy to one, but regenerates it without the need to collect orbs. As there is no energy system in the final version of the game, this hat has likely been replaced by the Brewing Hat due to their similarities in design.