Mafia "Mafia look at little child. Mafia see loser."

"Magnificent! Stunning! This trophy is everything I desire... on the shelf of my living room!"
—DJ Grooves

DJ Grooves is a major character in A Hat in Time. He appears in Battle of the Birds as one of the two birds running Dead Bird Studio, the other being his rival, The Conductor. Having a rivalry with the Conductor, he's one of the two birds that Hat Kid can help win the competition for the Annual Bird Movie Awards.


DJ Grooves acts as the director of both Picture Perfect and The Big Parade. In the former, he tells Hat Kid to go around gaining attention and "helping" the people around the city as a rising diva. In the latter, he has Hat Kid go around a parade to collect tokens with his face as well as turn off timers and buses.

The Award Ceremony

If Hat Kid has him as the winner of the Annual Bird Movie Awards, he will thank her for helping him win, and then give them a single time piece. He then asks if Hat Kid expected something crazy.

The Award Ceremony Pt. 2

Conductor transparent "A SPOILER? On MY Owl Express?"

During the actual award ceremony, he can either be a villain or a protagonist depending on who won. If he was the winner of the award, he will be the antagonist of the chapter, but if he lost, he will be help Hat Kid in the boss battle.

During the final fight with him as a boss, he will jump at her, drop down on a disco ball, charge her with a knife, rapidly swing with a knife, create photo copies of himself that charge her with a knife, create photo copies of the disco ball that drop down with the same effect, and call upon cars onto the arena.

Midway through the fight, he will have a "Heart to Heart" with Hat Kid. He will tell them his that the reason for him wanting to keep the time piece is that he is sure The Conductor cheated his way to getting all the previous trophies, and DJ Grooves wants it back to its rightful owner, himself. Hat Kid can either tell him "Maybe" or "Nope" when prompted if he could use the time piece. If saying "Maybe", he thanks them, but tells her that she cannot leave the room without dying because he cannot risk The Conductor finding out he cheated. If no, he will tell Hat Kid that they are greedy and that they are going to have to take it from him. Either option, immediately after he straps the bomb from "Train Rush" onto her, now giving you a 80 second time limit.

During the next phase will gain a new attack, which allows him to spin 3 chainsaws two times on the ground toward Hat Kid. Hat Kid now needs to hit him 4-5 times before The Conductor will step in, saying he will find a way to defuse the bomb. After 5 more hits, The Conductor will come back with a bomb defuser (Scissors), and then when Hat Kid runs up to them the timer stops and the bomb disappears. Immediately after, 4 of the parade owls will fall down with knifes, and follow Hat Kid around. He will start falling and doing attacks from phase 1 of the fight, and after 5 more attacks he is defeated, falling unconscious on the floor.