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The Arctic Cruise is a chapter in A Hat in Time, which requires the Seal the Deal DLC. It takes place on a cruise ship run by a walrus captain and his crew of white seals.

It can be found on Hat Kid's Spaceship in the laundry room, which is in basement before using the Hookshot Badge to enter Alpine Skyline.


Hat Kid and several of the other characters she has met on her adventures decide to take a vacation on the cruise ship the "SS, Literarlly Can't Sink" (yes, that is literally the name).


The cruise ship is divided into several rooms and decks.

Upper Deck


Port Wing


Reception Room


Starboard Wing

Engine Room

Laundry Room


Dining Room


Captain's Room




Image Episode Name Summary
429992DF-FD29-4076-BF63-98733593461E Act 1:
Bon Voyage!
Find a way onto the ship and then explore to find the Time Piece.
Ship Shape scrn Act 2:
Ship Shape
Complete tasks around the ship without angering the captain.
Rock the Boat scrn Act 3:
Rock the Boat
Rescue everyone from the ship.

Time Rift Locations

Image Act Location Appears when
Balcony clue none Hat Kid's Spaceship After clearing Arctic Cruise
? ? ? ?
? ? ? ?


Note: There are 12 Relics in the base game, and when all of them have been collected, all other treasures listed as "Relic" will give a Rift Token instead. This does not count the Relics found in the Seal the Deal DLC.

Bon Voyage

  • Relic: On top of one of the lamp posts to your left as soon as you enter the area.
  • Relic: When you get on the ship, you can see the present box with the relic above the pool in a big silver ring. You can use nearby balloons to launch yourself towards it
  • Relic: In the engine room on the opposite side of the power octopus
  • Rift Token: Heading straight down from the beginning of the map until you see the shock squids on the left. On the left to them is a ship with Mafia Goons and the rift token on it.
  • Rift Token: Behind the bar at the pool
  • Rift Token: Way above where you first enter the ship is a second diving board into the pool. On it is the rift token
  • Rift Token: On the side of ship when you're outside it. If you use the ice pad to bounce you'll see it to your left
  • Rift Token: In the engine room to the left of the octopus is some pipes. Climb up them to get to the rift token

Check here for a list of all collectables.


Item NO. Image Details
? ? ? ?



  • Hat Kid enters into the Laundry room through a machine called the Dirty Laundry Cleaner 3000. This is clearly a joke, as the acronym would be DLC.